Daily Archives: September 3, 2014

Luxury meets Reliability


Sometimes luxury meets reliability, the price is pitch perfect, and the staff drawing up the paperwork for your used car in El Paso is friendly and super knowledgeable.  No need to pinch yourself; you’re not dreaming.  You must have ended up at Premier Pre-Owned Auto Sales, the far eastside’s first and best stop for used luxury vehicles.  With only the best and most attractive inventory, you can trust that you won’t sifting through a bunch of 80’s junk metal that just happens to have a luxury name; instead, expect to find thoroughly inspected and pristinely-cleaned new-to-you dream rides from the brands you’re most desiring: Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, and Audi to name a few.

Why get sucked into a lengthy and overwhelming car payment, a restrictive lease, or a sub-par new car that doesn’t do anything for you when you can pick up the best of both the new and used car worlds: a supreme brand with low mileage and loads of life left in it for you.  And best of all, Premier is super transparent about the history of their vehicles (try finding that quality in most used car dealers) and make the Carfax report available for each and every vehicle so you know exactly what you’re getting in to.

With on-site financing, a staff that makes the car buying experience painless, and so many good models you’ll definitely have a hard time choosing between them, Premier Pre-Owned Auto Sales is the place to go for used cars in El Paso.  I’d suggest you tell your friends, but you may want to get down to Premier’s far eastside location first and make sure you get your hands on the car of your dreams before it’s gone for good.